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With over seven decades of experience, our designers are knowledgeable and well-equipped to answer any questions you may have about cemetery requirements, maintenance, costs, etc., as well as design a piece that is perfect for you or your loved one.

The Process

Selecting a Memorial

Memorial pricing can vary based on the size, material, design and installation. Overall, memorials can cost a modest amount to a substantial amount depending on what you choose. You and your family know what will work best for you, and the staff at West Union Monument Company is happy to discuss costs and explain available payment options.

Customized upright memorial

Unique Stone Placements


customized upright memorial


Horizontal tablets are wider than they are high and are usually set on a base. Side panels or “wings” are often an added feature. Vases and urns are frequently chosen in the design.

customized upright memorial


Vertical tablets are tall and can be set on a base or on a foundation. When set on a foundation, they are called a “monolith”.

customized marker memorial


Bevel markers sit above the ground and come in individual and companion sizes. They can easily be personalized.

customized memorial


Slant markers are a midlevel memorial. They have a large surface area for personalization.

customized lawn-level memorial


Flat markers are a smaller stone that is level with the ground.

customized lawn-level memorial


Ledgers are level with the ground and encompass an entire grave. They offer a large space for design and personalization.

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Needs


customized bench memorial


Garden memorials are specially designed pieces that can be placed in large outdoor spaces. Garden memorials are often benches, sundials and birdbaths.

customized upright memorial


Crosses are a popular memorial feature. They are mainly freestanding pieces that have their own style. Other symbols such as the Star of David are available as well.

customized upright memorial


Advances in modern technology have made personalizing memorials much easier. Techniques such as shape carving, lase engraving, sandblasting and hand etching have made it possible to add pictures and scenery on memorials.

customized upright piano memorial


Modern technology has enabled designers to create any shape you can think of.

customized upright memorial


A popular way to personalize a memorial is to engrave an image or scene. Images can be created on a stone by chiseling, sandblasting, hand etching or by laser. The design can be simple or intricate to meet your needs.

customized upright memorial


Inscriptions are a great way to add a personal touch to a stone. They can be just about anything from a signature, song lyrics, poems or even a note.

customized upright memorial


West Union Monument Company offers a variety of items such as vases, lights and photographs that can help further customize a memorial.